The Dems Race Card Politicization of the Trayvon Martin Tragedy

First, we have Democratic Representative Bobby Rush wearing a hoodie on the House Floor purely for political theater.  He ends up getting kicked off the House floor.

Second, Rep. Frederica Wilson *knows* that Trayvon was murdered. And she *knows* that he was racially profiled.  Plus, she used an old out of date picture of him to portray him as being young, fragile, and innocent. Rep. Wilson states that  "Trayvon Was Hunted Down Like A Dog, Shot Down In The Street."  Here is the video of her on the House floor.  How does Frederica Wilson *know* this? Was she there when this tragedy happened?  Or is she relying on second hand information using supposition as declaratory fact when nothing has been proven? What about the investigation?  Nah, she wanted want to wait for the facts to come out because that might contradict the narrative spun by the media and the Democrats race card politicization of this horrible tragedy. 

Third, we have Rep. Hank Johnson saying that Trayvon was "Executed" For "Walking While Black In A Gated Community." Here is the video of Hank Johnson. 
Was Hank Johnson there to witness the "execution" of Trayvon?  How does he *know* that Trayvon was executed?  How about we wait for the results of the investigation instead of making assumptions and thinking the worst of George Zimmerman and seeing the incident in the worst possible light?

Hmmm.... We seem to have a lot of Dems who think they're now the judge,the jury and the executioner.  These people don't want justice. They want revenge.  The Democrats politicization of this tragedy to advance their race-based agenda is disgusting. It doesn't look like they really want to find out the truth. The narrative spun by the media fits their agenda so why ruin that with the truth? 

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